Microsoft Surface repair

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Microsoft Surface repair

In case you are experiencing any problems with your beloved Microsoft Surface device, there may be faulty components that need to be repaired or replaced. No worries though, VistaRepair is at your service for any Microsoft Surface repair. Simply select your model up above to see the most common repair options listed alongside the prices. We can take care of your Microsoft Surface screen repair, as well as replacing the battery or remedy any water damage the device may have experienced. Is the repair you were looking for not listed? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by   calling 023-2100140 or sending a mail to

Repaired within 2 hours

We love our devices just as much as you do, and understand that damaged components can cause substantial amount of discomfort. That’s why we always aim to offer quick service; since we have most components in stock, we are able to perform your Microsoft Surface repair within 2 hours in most of the cases. To make things clear, every repair option will be listed alongside an estimated amount of time the repair will take. If you want to be sure that can you make use of our quick service, please make an appointment in our online agenda or contact us beforehand.

6 months of warranty on any repair

We are sure of the quality we deliver at VistaRepair, and therefore offer 6 months of warranty on any repair performed by us. We highly value afterservice, and offer a no-nonsense attitude on handling warranties. Thousands of happy customers have gone before you, some of them contributing to our excellent Google review score.Next to that we offer you our ‘No Cure, No Pay’-principle. Whenever a Microsoft Surface repair cannot be performed succesfully (or for a reasonable price considering the current worth of the device), we do not charge any costs for research. Our employees have significant experience and we work with the best possible components (mostly original) to deliver the best repair possible.

Service centers in Haarlem, Wormerveer and Huizen

You can visit any of our service centers in Haarlem, Wormerveer and Huizen for the repair of common devices. There will be a at least one expert present, and components for common devices are usually in stock at each and every service center. If you have a less common device, it is adviced to contact us before about the possibilities. Our headquarters in Haarlem (which is next to Amsterdam in case you are in need of a Microsoft Surface repair Amsterdam) have an extensive array of components in stock, which can also be sent to another location within a day upon request. This way we can still perform your desired repair directly. Are you looking for something other than a Microsoft Surface repair? Well, we’ve got you covered! We repair almost any device. Follow one of the links underneath to navigate to the correct repair page for the brand of your device:

About the Microsoft Surface series

The Microsoft Surface series is the most prominent of the array of Microsoft products over the last couple of years. The devices combine a full version of Windows with an interactive touchscreen and several innovative peripherals. Most of the devices are characterised by their 2-in-1 format. The Microsoft Surface, Surface Go, Surface Pro and Surface Book series have a top part that can be used in a standalone format with a touchscreen as if it were a tablet, or in combination with either the base unit or a Type Cover to add a touchpad, keyboard and sometimes even an extra battery unit or extra graphics card.

Microsoft Surface screens

All of the Microsoft Surface devices contain splendid screens with a resolution of at least Full HD. Most of the models are hybrid tablets, which can be used in different modes, either in tablet mode (with full Windows capabilities) or as a fully featured laptop in combination with either a seperate or included keyboard. The devices are relatively small and lightweight, which makes them very portable. Unfortunately, portability often leads to more instances of potential hazard. Liquid damage or a broken screen are more common among portable devices. Luckily we’re here to help you out with any calamities you may be experiencing!

Microsoft Surface battery performance & replacement

Even though the Microsoft Surface models often come in a small package, the battery performance of the devices is quite good. Thanks to the power saving technology in the processors implemented, the battery in some models may last more than 10 hours, depending on the usage. In some cases it may even be possible to expand the battery, like in the base unit of the Microsoft Surface Book series. Nevertheless, current day battery technology makes that the battery capacity decreases, the more it’s being used. After a couple of years the performance may be well beneath the initial level, and a Microsoft Surface battery replacement can be very beneficial. Another possible fault is swelling of the battery. This fault occurs randomly and causes the battery to expand, pushing against surrounding components, which may cause your screen getting loose from the frame, or your touchscreen or LCD screen being damaged because of the pressure. As long as the other components are still intact, this problem can also be fixed by our Microsoft Surface battery replacement service.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 screen flickering or shaking

The Microsoft Surface Pro series is the most popular of all the Microsoft Surface devices. The small and thin devices come with a beautiful high resolution touchscreen, capable of processing various gestures to provide you the smoothest experience. Nevertheless, there are some common problems some of the models. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is known to have a manufacturers fault which causes the screen to show flickering or shaking, especially when the device temperature rises. This problem often occurs after a couple of years, after the warranty by Microsoft has expired. If your warranty has indeed already expired, we are at your service! We will fix the problem by performing a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 screen repair, and your flickering/shaking screen problem will be remedied. We provide 6 months of warranty to ensure that the problem is actually fixed. Simple as that!

Microsoft Surface Laptop screen repair

The only range of the Microsoft Surface series which does not come which a detachable screen or base is the Microsoft Surface Laptop. The Surface Laptop is a beautiful piece of hardware and can be seen as Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s MacBook series. It’s thin and stylish design make for a pleasure on the eye, and the 13,5″ and 15″ touchscreens work great. Just like usual though, thin and stylish designs may end in thin and shattered designs, as they are prone to damage. But of course there’s no worry, we can take care of your Microsoft Surface Laptop screen repair. Fixed within a couple of hours, your Surface Laptop will be ready to go again in the blink of an eye!